C a l i b y r

Sometimes comparing

apples to apples

isn't as easy as

it's cracked up

to be.

Calibyr Consulting

Marketing that works.

Tired of trying to figure out which consulting firm will deliver on its promises?

It's not easy to select a consultant that gets things done on time ... and that makes you look good. Chances are, you've been burned at least once by consultants who didn't follow through, or who delegated your project to "junior" who started with the company yesterday.

Get ready for something different.

Calibyr Consulting doesn't do things that way. And I have a long-standing track record of successfully helping businesses improve their web and print marketing results, and secure funding and investments through new sources.

What makes Calibyr different?

High Standards. Your project becomes my project. Why? Because my name is attached and that's how I do business. And you can bank on that.

Fresh Twist. Your project benefits from creativity that jazzes up old ideas and brings in real results.

Worry Free. Rest assured your project will be completed by deadline. And I'll make the process easy for you with simple guidelines that clearly spell out any information you need to provide.

So just sit back and relax. Your project will get done. On time. Exceptionally well.